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Learn about different types of shampoo that are rich with natural extracts because it nourishing the hair from the roots to the ends, these formulations will make your hair healthy and more vibrant.

  • Soft touch

  • Shiny hair

  • Long hair

  • Attractive rose oil scent

Shampoo types

  • Shampoo for dry hair

  • Shampoo for oily hair

  • Shampoo for normal hair

  • Shampoo for every hair type

  • Anti-dandruff hair shampoo

  • Anti-hair loss shampoo

Sulfate free shampoo

  • Chemical free shampoo

  • Gives hair strength and luster

  • It helps nourishing the hair because it contains many natural extracts and many hair nourishing ingredients, and it is free of sulfate and sodium.

Hair conditioner  

  • Are you tired of dry tufts and coarse hair? 

  • Life Saver guarantees you to get the best hair moisturizing formula 

Choosing a good conditioner will help you transform struggling strands into silky, shiny waves, healthy looking hair that's rich in moisture. Get ready to find the right conditioner for you! 

Hair conditioner benefits 

  • Nourishing and moisturizing hair 

  • Protecting hair from dryness and brittleness 

  • Increasing from hair shining and smoothness 

  • Straightener curly hair 

  • Strengthening hair strands from roots to ends. 


  • Life Saver manufactures the best serums types to maintain the freshness and vitality of the skin. 

  • It is characterized by its effective composition on hair and skin. 

  • Fights wrinkles and slows down the aging process. 

  • Moisturizes and improve skin texture. 

  • Contains vitamins and natural oils 

  • Gets rid of large pores in the skin 

  • Serum to improve hair texture (dry - frizz - hair fall) 

Body Lotion 


Life Saver manufactures the best body lotion quality 

Life Saver manufactures the best body lotions types that give the body a distinctive smell and optimal level of hydration in addition to its quick-absorbing and gives the body vitality and a sense of freshness and promotes a sense of relaxation. 

Butterfly Cream 

Life Saver manufactures the best Butterfly Cream type 

  • Collagen face cream with its concentrated formula, rich with marine collagen, that moisturizes the face, improves its elasticity, fills wrinkle lines and makes the skin fresh, brighter and younger. 


  • Makhmareia / safe, effective and natural deodorant cream that gives a feeling of freshness and a long-lasting scent. 

  • It contains many natural extracts and vitamins that moisturize the skin. 

Eye Mascara 

  • Mascara gives the eyes an attractive aesthetic appearance; in addition to that it helps greatly in lengthening and thickens eyelashes. 

  • Mascara has many different colors, but the black color is one of the most popular and widespread types, as it helps to open up the eyes and make them look more refreshed. 

  • Recently, the demand for transparent mascara that has no color has increased, as it gives a natural look without the need for the usual dark colors, such as black or dark blue. 

Face wash 

  • Life Saver manufactures the best face wash types for different skin types 

  • Beauty starts with pure skin free of pimples and impurities. 

  • Caring for your skin and its cleanliness is one of the most important secrets of your beauty and attractiveness. And care begins with using a lotion that suits your skin type and helps you treat problems with it and take care as well, and choose the best skin lotion to treat various problems such as acne or dry skin and others. 

  • The lotion is characterized by its light composition. It protects the skin from the appearance of acne and gets rid of excess fat in the skin, and keeps your skin fresh and moisturized at the same time. 


  • Life Saver manufactures the best Tint type 

  • Tint contains a high amount of vitamin C in addition to many natural vitamins and minerals that improve skin health and appearance. It has many advantages as a magical alternative to make-up, but it is also an effective skin treatment. 

  • Tint gives a different fragrant scent that increases the girl's attractiveness, unlike cosmetics that give the same effect as blusher and eye shadow, but they do not contain any of the smells. 

  • Tint is characterized as free from any artificial materials or colors that can affect the beauty and freshness of the natural skin, as it gives a special luster and shining. 

  • Tint is also characterized by giving the lips and cheeks a different soft texture, because it contains moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin and shea butter. 

Foundation cream 

  • Life Saver manufactures the best foundation cream type 

  • Foundation cream is the basic rule to get the perfect makeup look 

  • It unify skin tone 

  • Hide spots and get a soft base for smooth application of the rest of the face makeup 



Alcohol - hand sanitizer 
  • Life Saver manufactures the best kind of hand sanitizer  

  • To keep your hands from germs and microbes throughout the day by using hand sanitizer 

Hand Gel 
  • Life Saver manufactures the best kind of hand gel  

  • Alcoholic Hand Gel a fast-acting, long-acting hand sanitizer and soft on the skin 

  • Contains isopropyl alcohol 70% enriched with unique emollient to ensure fast sterilization and long lasting smooth feel. 

Carpet shampoo 
  • Life Saver manufactures the best kind of carpet shampoo  

  • Carpet shampoo for all types of carpets (silk - wool - cotton - synthetic fibers) that removes stains and leaves carpets with a long lasting clean fresh scent. 

  • Life Saver manufactures the best kind disinfectant

  • It reduces the amount of bacteria, viruses and other microbes present on surfaces, while the disinfectant kills almost all of them 

Dishwashing liquid 
  • Life Saver manufactures the best kind of dishwashing liquid 

  • The original dishwashing liquid is 2 times more effective in removing the food residues off the plates than other conventional cleaners in market.

Cleaner, disinfectant and freshener for floors
  • The best floor disinfectant that is easy to use and can be relied upon to disinfect floors and get rid of tough stains and bacteria

  • The best detergent with a distinctive fragrance; It is a well-known sterilizer and disinfectant that is widely used by many people due to its effectiveness in cleaning home floors.

  • It is used to clean all types of floors such as ceramic, marble and other floors in general

  • It can effectively get rid of all kinds of bacteria and germs on the ground, not allowing their spread. It can be relied upon on cleaning home floors.

Glass cleaner
  • Glass cleaner is one of the necessities in the modern home for cleaning windows and glass facades  

  • Glass polisher and cleaner does not leave any traces or stains on glass surfaces

  • Benefits

    • With its magical touch, it gives you excellent results in cleaning all glass surfaces, mirrors, plastic surfaces, as well as flat surfaces such as porcelain, stainless steel and the surfaces of electrical household appliances.

Hand wash
  • Life Saver manufactures the best kind of hand wash

  • Selections of liquid hand wash with a long lasting fragrance.

  • Manufactured from the best natural ingredients that are suitable for all skin types.

  • Life Saver manufactures the best kind of chlorine

  • Chlorine is one of the best disinfectants that we can use to disinfect surfaces and floors in the home and hospitals. It is one of the best antiseptics that kill bacteria.

Flash (disinfectant shine floor cleaner)
  • Life Saver manufactures the best kind of flash

  • Flash is a fully formulated cleaner for cleaning and sanitizing all house surfaces

  • With distinctive scents, you can choose what suits you.

Have you ever thought to make a brand in your name? We can do it for you. So, if you have some ideas on your mind, hurry up to bring them to life. We are specialized in producing and manufacturing high quality detergents and disinfectants products with the best prices. Our products are characterized by high efficiency to meet the needs of customers.
We depend on the idea you present, according to it we will create a sample and show it to you to know your feedback till we achieve together to the best performance of the product.
We provide you with an integrated service in terms of manufacturing, packaging and after-sales service in terms of product development.


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